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The Eastern
The Eastern - Introduction
Scenes of Grisham

The Eastern - Introduction

By After Years standards Grisham was a marvel. A city almost, full to the brim with a mix of Purebloods, New men, New Animals and even a few of the Green Folk. Also the city was alive with the sounds of the Ancient devices brought back to life by the founders of Grisham, the Restorationists.

Not all of the city folk belonged to the order, but none denied the work done by them had benefited the whole city, and all were glad of the ease of life that the technology brought.

Many projects had been undertaken by the Order, a clean water supply, mechanical power from water wheels and even steam engines.

It was this last project that lead to the rail project. Grisham had been founded in a sheltered and hidden valley that had an Ancient Rail Road running through the centre. At each end of the valley was a tunnel leading through the surrounding mountains. The western tunnel lead to Badlands from whence had come the founders of Grisham. They had found the tunnel entrance concealed in deep forest and had followed the tunnel through to the Eden of a valley.

The eastern tunnel lead to an unexplored wooded plain, and at first the Elders of Grisham had ignored the plain, merely concealing and guarding the tunnel against any potential threats from that direction. But now the city had expanded to a state where more expansion was inadvisable in the hidden valley. Therefore it had been decided to explore the wooded plain to the east. To this end an advance base had been set up in the valley mouth at the eastern end of tunnel.

Initially, setting up this base had been hard work. All of the materials had to be carried through the tunnel. It was a back breaking task, and slow. But the elders discovered the ancient secrets of steam and built a simple locomotive that could be used to pull carts up and down the ancient metal road. This increased productivity and soon the advance railhead was finished. The railhead was intended to both safeguard the tunnel entrance and act as a staging post for scout parties to move out into the wooded plain and investigate the possibilities for expansion.

This is where you come in. The Elders of Grisham have asked for volunteers to scout the metal road of the ancients to the east, they must know of any dangers, or treasures, of enemies or allies and of the roads ultimate destination.

You have decided to join this scouting party and have applied to elders, now you anxiously await the outcome.

If you wish to join this PBEM then drop me a line at the address below.

Cheffs Mailbox