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The Eastern
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The Eastern - A 1st Edition GW PBEM

In a fit of retro-gaming I have decided to run a first edition Gamma World PBEM. I shall be advertising for players soon, but if you spot this and are interested then just e-mail me at the address on the home page.

'The Eastern' is set in a Restorationist town called Grisham. The Restorationist society has managed to restore many of the Ancient ways and this PBEM sees them at the start of another project to restore some of the old Technology.

Below is a picture of the Grisham Railhead, an advance base for the main community of Grisham which consists of many citizens and many technological wonders of the Ancient times, brought back to life by the Restorationists. The advance base resides in a valley opening that leads onto a forested plain to the east. To the west there is a tunnel through the mountains that leads to Grisham.

Running from Grisham, through the tunnel, through the advance base and on eastward is an ancient road that is made of two metal tracks made of an ancient material that does not wear out or corrode. The elders of Grisham have discovered that the ancients called this a railroad and had fast transports that used these roads to travel from place to place.

The Eastern PBEM Introduction