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Meltdown Man (2000 AD © Rebellion)

Cheff tells this tale in pictures. They are from a Pre-Apocalypse Historical Document, 2000 AD, telling of how life was lived in the early 21st century. More about this fine publication on their official Web-Site at 2000 AD Web Site.

These images are re-produced with the kind permission of Rebellion, so please don't copy them.

The story of the Meltdown Man appeared in late 1980 to 1981, it tells of a Hero called Sergeant Nick Stone (Ex-SAS) who is caught in a nuclear blast and instead of being incinerated is thrown into a world of high technology, Mutant Animals and Pure Strain Humans who have taken control of the animals. (Sound vaguely familiar?). The images shown here are taken from Issues 188, 190 and 193 and show really good examples of how I have always imagined Gamma World mutant animals. The animals or Yugees (the name being derived from Eugenically Engineered) as they are called in the story are humanoid in form and for the most part can speak but are the slaves of the Humans.

(I am on the lookout for the other issues that include this story. If anyone has any copies of 2000 AD with this story in it (apart from 188, 190 and 193) that you want to get rid of, then please contact me.