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The Bunker


All stats given are edition specific where applicable and the edition is given where this is the case

Smoke Grenade Area of Effect : 10 meter radius
Cloud Duration : 1-4 minutes (depends on wind)
Damage Inflicted : None

Smoke grenades come in two basic forms, normal and enhanced. The normal type emits a cloud of coloured smoke that obscures normal sight but is transparent to infra-red or ultraviolet detectors. The enhanced type emits a smoke that is opaque to all forms of electro-magnetic radiation, this means it is very good for defence against lasers.
M-256 Auto Gun (1st Edition) Maximum Range : 350 meters
Effective Range : 175 meters
Projectile : Energy Packet
Damage Inflicted : 5 Dice (d6)
Power Source : Solar Cell
Battery Life : 400 Shots

The M-256 Auto Gun is a 'Smart' sentry weapon. It has a limited AI that can be taught to recognise the difference between certain targets such as ignoring animals in a forest environment. Once the gun is set up on a motorised tripod it can track and fire on 3 targets per round, firing 3 rounds per target. The sensors it uses are infra-red, ultraviolet, optical, acoustic and radar.